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Home learning, Bug Club, TT Rockstars and MyMaths 

Please ensure you are completing your weekly home learning set every Friday as well as using Bugclub, TT Rockstars or MyMaths daily. If you are unsure of your log in details, contact your teacher on Teams or Seesaw. 


LO:  To recall knowledge on the journey of a river. 

Today you will be researching and understanding the journey of a river for the modelled explanation write. You have learned about this in Geography this term so you should already have some understanding. It is important you have a secure subject knowledge on the topic in order for your writing to be quality. 


You need to:

1. Go through the PDF documents below. 


2. Carry out research on the journey of a river. You can use your Geography learning from previous weeks, please refer to the previous weeks' 'Tuesday' pages on the school website for these resources. Below are some possible websites you can also use: 


Feel free to use research from other websites on the Internet.  


3.Using your research and the resources provided, present your research, either through a brainstorm, poster or picture board. 

Design Technology


Please use the following weblink to dance your way into the week, moving your body and exercising.