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LO:  To recall knowledge of how to stay safe during Covid 19. 

In the next few weeks, you will be writing an explanation text explaining the process of something. This week, you will be writing an explanation text on how to stay safe during Covid 19. Today, you will be researching on the topic.  


You need to:

1. Go through the PowerPoint.

2. Research on how stay safe during Covid 19


Possible websites: 


3. Using your own research and resources provided, you need to present your research by either brainstorming, creating a poster or making a picture board. Your research needs to be informative as it will help you plan your writing.


LO:  To learn about ways of expressing feelings and emotions and why this is important.  

Feelings change all the time, but sometimes things happen that make our feelings build up and up until they become very strong or intense. Sometimes we get a very strong or intense feeling from just one thing or moment in time. Eventually, for the most part, very strong feelings tend to fade. If you or someone feels like this a lot of the time, it is best you talk to a trusted adult about what is happening. It is important to be able to describe our feelings as it helps us and others know how to manage them. 


1) Please write down all the feelings and emotions you can think of. Use the resource sheet to help you. 


2) Create a short poem, descriptive write or art about feelings. Remember of the importance of talking to a trusted adult when you are feeling worried, sad or lonely. 


Please use the following weblink to dance your way into the week, moving your body and exercising.