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Target setting.

MG Healing of Jairus' daughter MM

What does this story tell about Christian belief about death and Jesus? What does resurrection mean? Christians believe everyone in heaven will be resurrected at the end of time, because Jesus was resurrected.

1) Read pg.118-119 of the document titled 'Happy Experiences Reading.'

2. Play the video and watch pausing at the following points:

i) Listen to the happy experiences and make a list

ii) Watch the class play the mini-movie, then pause and play yours.(see pages 120-123).

iii) Think about how you felt when while you were playing your own mini-movie.

iv) watch the rest of the video and listen to the children's experiences. Could you use this strategy next time you're feeling unhappy?

v) Finally sketch a scene from your mini-movie. Use thought and speech bubbles to show how you were feeling.

The Animals Lawsuit against Humanity, the  story so far...


The story is that there once was a place on Earth, an island called Tsagone, where the animals lived happily and free from persecution by human beings; the Isle was ruled over by Bersaf, King of the Spirits. But a ship carrying passengers was wrecked near its shores and a large group of people clambered onto the island. Quite soon, perhaps inevitably, the people began to use the animals and birds for food and labour, and in fact enslaved them: so for the animals, “eyes that were once filled with trust began to be drowned in stormy oceans of fear.” Eventually the animals, in desperation, met and agreed to ask the King of Spirits for help.


He decided to summon the humans to court to answer the charges which were beginning to be specified by the animals. The humans were strongly divided. Hochmah (Wisdom), the female sage, was in favour of the animals’ case. Zadone (Malice) however was the spokesperson for the humans and led their case in their representation to the King. He argued, in relation to species other than human: “We say they are our slaves and we shall seize those whom we wish and treat them just as we would treat any other possession. Those who submit to us accept the notion that the Creator set us to rule over them— but those who break our yoke and flee—they are rebelling against God’s word...the consequences are theirs. The humans also maintained that they were the only creatures who had souls, consciences and understanding and that they had the most perfect bodies in all Creation. The King of Spirits, after wise advice, ordered a full investigation based on evidence and asked both humans and animals to bring together their evidence. 



astounded- shocked

insolence- rude and disrespectful behaviour

annihilated- destroy


Questions to consider


In King Bersaf's court, whom did the King ask to speak first?


What were  Frog's arguments against the human mis-treatment of animals? Think about the main points that the Frog is making.