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Writing Task

LO: To recall knowledge of Explanation Texts and to effectively use the skills of planning. 


SC: I can plan and organise facts for an explanation text.


This week, we will be starting a new piece of writing. We will be learning about explanation texts. 


To start our topic, try to remember what you have learnt already about explanation texts. You may remember some things from year 1 and year 2.  


Today, you will be planning your own explanation text on the following topic:


'Why is school important?' 


Watch the following video to help you think of some ideas to write about:  


Use the planning template attached to help you organise your ideas into sections. Today you will just plan your writing. This will help you to write it tomorrow. 


REMEMBER: This task is just to help your teacher understand what you already understand and remember about explanation texts. Do not worry if you can't remember some things. 

Maths Task

This week, we will be focussing on division. 


Today, you will be looking at your 3 times table for division. 


Read the powerpoint and then answer the worksheet. 



Read a book on Bugclub. Remember to write a book review. 


Today, we will be focusing on shadows. 


Read the powerpoint attached below. 



Investigation:  Using white paper, draw around your hand to investigate what happens to the position and length of the shadow when you go closer/further to a light source. (if you have one, try to use a torch or a phone torch).


Remember to record a prediction of what you think will happen first. After your prediction, you can do the experiment and record what you have found out.