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LO: To effectively use the skills of planning.


SC: I can use factual information read to help me plan a non-chronological report.


I can use factual information and or listened to help me plan a non-chronological report.  


You will start todays lesson by following the link below to learn about African Elephants.


Use the information you have read/watched/ their own knowledge to independently plan out a non-chronological report on elephants on the planning report.


You should include the following in your plan:  title, introduction, topic specific words, sub-headings, key words, phrases, key fact relating to each sub-heading. When planning you will write short facts in bullet points.  


At the end of your task you should be thinking about:

What have you learnt?


What would you like to improve on when writing a non-chronological report? 


Key Vocabulary:

non-chronological report, factual information, plan



To begin todays lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task.


Would the bar model diagram you used last week be helpful today?


During Guided Practice, you will be solving word problems involving addition and subtraction.


Try to draw bar models to represent the problems.