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LO: To be able to write simple sentences linked to a planned storyboard.


SC: I can retell and write simple sentence to explain the main events within a narrative.


You will review your drawn storyboard from previous term and orally retell your story to an adult.


Vocabulary: character description, storyboard, similes, expanded noun phrase, list of 3


For today’s task you will write simple sentences for the beginning of your story. These should be linked to the pictures that you have already drawn on your storyboard.


Remember to say and discuss sentences out loud before writing.


Children are given time to go through the structure of their individuals story. They have to write one simple sentence to describe each section of their storyboard – All pictures must have a sentence by the end of the lesson.

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. Write the column method for

831 – 26. Have you noticed that the 3-digit number is placed above the 2-digit number? Do you know why?


The column method is another way to present the subtraction equation. Remember that the ones must be placed in the ones column and the tens must be placed in the tens column.

During Guided Practice, you will be practising using Base 10 materials to show when you need to rename and when you do not.


Follow the above link to access online teaching tools to support MNP teaching.



During this lesson, you will become familiar with the terms ‘text’ and ‘images’ and understand that text and images need to be used carefully if you are to communicate messages clearly. You will be able to give advantages and disadvantages of using text, images, or both text and images to communicate messages effectively.


Learning objectives

To recognise how text and images communicate information

  • I can explain the difference between text and images
  • I can explain that text and images can communicate messages clearly
  • I can identify the advantages and disadvantages of using text and images


Key vocabulary

Text, images, advantages, disadvantages, communicate