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Today you are going to read Chapter 1 of Goodnight Mister Tom. There is a vocabulary sheet which will help you to understand some of the trickier vocabulary in the chapter. There is also a context sheet which will give you some background information about the setting of the book.


LO:  To recall knowledge of Diary entries. 

LO: To effectively use the skills of planning.

Task: To plan a Diary entry. 

Good morning. In preparation for this terms writing, we would like you to write a dairy entry of a great day from your half term. Think about a particular day, your feelings and thoughts around that day and beginning planning a diary entry. Ensure you think about the correct structure of a dairy entry as you plan. 

Remember to include thoughts, feelings and emotive language. Rhetorical questions would also be handy to express your inner musings on paper. Add lots of detail.


Upload it onto Seesaw for your teacher to see when completed.