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LO: To develop a description of a character.


SC: I understand descriptive language creates strong imagery for the reader.


I can use ideas discussed and modelled with the teacher. 


I can include: adjectives, the rule of three, expanded noun phrases and similes to describe a character.


Key Vocabulary:

E.g. Ice Monster, Snow Creature, Tree Monster, ocean monster,  


 For today’s task, you will choose from a selection of creatures. Think of a name for the character you have chosen. You are to then brainstorm and write words to describe your creature.


Don’t forget to use similes, rule of 3, expanded noun phrases, direct speech, et in your writing.

Today you are going to be using place value charts to help you read and write three-digit numbers.


Watch the video, by following the link below on the Oak National Academy lesson before completing the activity.


After you have finished the task you can have a go on the Exit quiz to see how you got on.


Reading and writing 3 digit numbers.


Lesson 6: What does our school network look like?



In this lesson, you will further develop your understanding of computer networks. You will see examples of network infrastructure in a real-world setting and relate them to the activities in the last lesson.



To recognise the physical components of a network

  • I can identify how devices in a network are connected with one another
  • I can identify networked devices around me
  • I can identify the benefits of computer networks

Key vocabulary

Network switch: a device that enables multiple devices on a network to be connected with each other

Server: a computer that manages the network and stores files

Wireless access point (WAP): a device, connected to a wired network, that sends and receives wireless signals for/from devices with WiFi connectivity