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Identify the meaning of the words in the text. Then read the text.

What is the text about?  Summarise the main points.

Spellings Lesson

Complete the activities on the workshete below and upload to seesaw.



LO To effectively use the skills of planning.  

Good morning. Today you will be researching and planning your non-chronological report for your independent write. This report will be about Cheetahs. You need to think about three different topics to write about and include as a part of your main body. As you research, you will discover topics that will be well suited to your writing. Remember to consider using a logical order to your report when planning the order of your topics. You need to ensure your writing has all the elements of Year 6 standard writing, including and not limited to: cohesion, correct use of punctuation, formal language, correctly spelled words and present tense.

Here are some links which can direct you to information about cheetahs:  


Click on the link below, watch the video and complete the activities.


Quiet Reading


20 mins- A Bug Club book-These will be monitored



Go through the slides and complete one of the activities below.