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1) Familiarise yourself with the vocabulary on the PowerPoint before reading the chapter.

2) Read Chapter 34 on the YouTube video

in preparation for answering questions on the chapter from Tuesday-Thursday.


1) Watch the video on

2) Recall the key features of instructional writing and write down as many as you can remember.

3) Watch the short film again and check your lists against the key features outlined by Stefan.

4) How well do you think Stefan did? Could he have added any other sections to improve his instructions or final cake? What about a section exploring decorating the cake in different ways?

5) Plan and write what he could have written to make his writing even better. 


You need to:

1. Watch this video.

2. Go through the PowerPoint presentation.

3. Complete the worksheet provided.

4. Self-mark your work using the answers that have been included.