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Spellings lesson


LO: To know how to organise ideas around a theme.

You will begin your writing today. You will write your introduction and the first paragraph of your main body. Remember to begin with a title for your non-chronological report.


Your introduction should begin with a hook sentence – there are many ways to do that: a short, powerful sentence, emotive language or a rhetorical question, decide which may best fit your writing. Explain a bit about what vultures are, when and where they can be found and briefly introduce the three main paragraphs you will be writing.

A model example has been included below to support you.



             Scavenger Birds 

Sometimes described as the 'Eaters of the Dead', vultures are the only land-based vertebrates which feast and survive on eating carrion. These scavenging birds have adapted so their anatomy -particularly their gut- can handle feasting on left over carcasses and, as such, play a vital role in the ecosystem balance of our planet. In the recent years, however, some vulture species have faced a series of threats to their lives, forcing some of them to a brink of collapse. Read on to understand their vitality to our planet and the importance of their conservation.