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LO: To identify descriptive language features used in a narrative.   


To start the lesson, you will read the modelled text. See example on attached PDF.  You are to then identify and highlight the features of a good description of a character i.e. adjective, similes, rule of 3.


Highlight third person words, focus on the thread past tense throughout the text.

Generate words to describe the ‘Space Bat Angel’ for the beginning of the story.

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. Think about the   methods 'counting back' using a number line and the number bond strategy.


During Guided Practice, you are going to use a variety of methods to subtract mainly single digits from 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

Lesson 5: How are computers connected?



This lesson introduces key network components, including a server and wireless access points. Learners will examine each device’s functionality and look at the benefits of networking computers.



To explore how digital devices can be connected

  • I can recognise that a computer network is made up of a number of devices
  • I can demonstrate how information can be passed between devices
  • I can explain the role of a switch, server, and wireless access point in a network

Key vocabulary

Network switch: a device that enables multiple devices on a network to be connected with each other

Server: a computer that manages the network and stores files

Wireless access point (WAP): a device, connected to a wired network, that sends and receives wireless signals for/from devices with WiFi connectivity