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Good afternoon Year 4,

I hope that you have had a great day so far and that you have managed to complete your tasks today! Well done for making the effort. We really appreciate the fact that you are trying really hard to continue 😊.

How did you get on with your home learning today? What did you learn in Literacy today? How did you find the assessments? Where they easy or challenging? Did you do your exercise this morning?

Anyway, I would like to wish you a very pleasant afternoon. Get some rest and we will be ready and waiting here tomorrow morning. Stay safe!

Enjoy 😊

Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 team.

A pleasant good morning 4,

I hope that you are well and have had a fabulous weekend! Can you really believe that you have nearly completed another year of schooling? Yes! You have! 😉 Only 3 more days n Year 4! It has been a very strange year of learning but you have all risen to the many challenges we faced during the year.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, perseverance and resilience that you have shown throughout the year, but mostly during this period of lockdown and learning daily from home. Even though this has been quite difficult for us all, I hope that you have managed to create some positive and memorable experiences that you cherish whenever you reflect in the future on this period of lockdown.

We look forward to seeing you in September, learning together, socialising with your peers, spending time with your teachers and just enjoying your wide experiences at school.

As you move to a new class in September, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very successful year in Year 5. I hope that you will resettle and feel a sense of normality quite quickly so that you can make good progress in your learning over the year.

If you haven’t already done so, then please visit the Year 5 webpage where you will be able to find a message from your Year 5 teacher. You can also write a letter to your new teacher during the summer break. I am sure that they will be very pleased to hear you read your letter in September!

Anyway, we still have a few more days of learning in Year 4 and now it is time for you to complete today’s tasks! Have a look at the timetable and then get started. You will have a few assessments to complete. As usual, you must make sure that each task is completed to best of your ability and is presented neatly.

Enjoy the rest of your day learning from home! 😉

Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 teachers  

Maths Arithmetic Assessment

Please take some time to complete the following arithmetic assessment t the very best of your ability. 

Science Assessment

Over the last few weeks you have studied different aspects of the topic "Sound". Please revisit all that you have done then make an attempt to respond to the questions on the "end of unit assessment".