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Hello year 6,

                      I hope you're enjoying the sunshine. Such a lovely day!

 Well done, you are now independent learners and are able to manage the daily timetable of lessons. Additionally, you should also be able to use your initiative to further revise or even repeat lessons, if you need to. It is important for you to also reflect on your learning and think about the subjects/ topics which you have a good understanding of and those that you need to look at again. Make sure that you are using your Cgp study guides to support your learning and the websites that we have shared on the y6 pages to help you.  Furthermore, you should have also finished going through each topic at least once, in your Cgp workbooks by now as well. 


Don't forget to go outside and get some fresh air.


I'm going to look at seesaw now to see all the wonderful learning that has been posted. I hope you have a good evening.


Mrs Iqbal

Daily Timetable




'The Ickabog'-JK Rowling

Chapter 25- Lord Spittleworth’s Problem 

Chapter 26- A Job for Mr Dovetail 

Vocabulary check

Use the internet/dictionary to find the definitions of the following words before you start reading the text. Write the definitions down in your homework book so that you can refer to them when you are reading.



scullery maid 








 Read chapter 25- Lord Spittleworth’s Problem  and chapter 26- A Job for Mr Dovetail 

from - The Ickabog-


Answer the reading comprehension questions below:


Who was voicing doubts against the Ickabog tax? 

What effect was the Ickabog tax having on the inhabitants? 

Why were children in the Marshlands becoming ‘hollow-cheeked?’ 

Where were Spittleworth’s spies? 

Why would the plain speakers and honest dealers of Baronstown been the first ones to hold meetings about Spittleworth’s plan? 

Explain why the butcher is called Tubby Tenderloin. 

Why do you think Cankerby informed Spittleworth about Dovetail? 


What did Mr Dovetail already know about major Roach? 

Why was Major Roach really at the carpenter’s house? 

When Mr Dovetail arrived at the royal stables, what did the soldiers do to him? 

What did Major Roach say that stopped Mr Dovetail from trying to free himself? 

Is Mr Dovetail right to feel terrified? Why? 

Why does Spittleworth order the carpenter to carve out a gigantic foot? 



Read Chapter 27-  Kidnapped 


In role as Private Prodd, write a letter to King Fred explaining what is happening in Cornucopia. 


You must: 

Inform the king of the main events occurring in the city; 

Spittleworths deception; 

the restless inhabitants; 

effect of the Ickabog tax; 

lack of evidence that the ickabog even exists; 

starving children in the marshlands; 

and how you Private Prodd have defied Spittleworth’s orders and have left Daisy Dovetail in an orphanage far away so that Spittleworth cannot get to her. 


The letter must also insist upon King Fred coming out and taking charge of his city. 


 Don’t forget to upload your letter onto seesaw. 



Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here:

Starting from this week, PE with Joe will  be live at 9am  on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.



Visit the BBC Bitesize daily lesson website here:  and complete the lesson on  Perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes.  You can watch the videos first to help you, then complete the activities and mark them. If you are finding it difficult, you can use your CGP study guides to help you; re-watch the videos or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



Read a book from Bug Club