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Good afternoon Year 4,

I trust that you’ve had a fantastic day of learning today and have gained new knowledge as a result.  Well done to you if you managed to complete all of your work for today! Outstanding effort! Please remember to upload super brilliant work using the seesaw app. When you do so, please try your best to upload your work upright and not sideways.


Please remember that you can complete extra home learning on TTRockstars, Bugclub, Mymaths and BBC Bitesize. Please also feel free to review any topics that we have previously completed in Year 4 this so far this year like teeth and digestion, Tudors etc.

You have now earned yourself a well-deserved break after a hard day of work. Relax and reflect on your day! Get some rest until tomorrow.


Take care,

Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 teachers

Good morning Year 4!

I am absolutely certain that you had a great weekend and are feeling rested and energised to begin a new week of learning. My weekend was quite busy but I did manage to get some rest so I am also ready to begin the new week.

As week begin the fourth week of learning for this half term, we will continue to explore new concepts, gain new knowledge and develop new skills. Remember that if you keep trying when you encounter challenges, your brain is a marvellous “machine” and it will eventually adapt as you persevere. From your PSHE lesson last Friday, am I right to say that the brain’s ability to change is known as NEUROPLASTICITY? Let me know if I am correct 😊.

Well, this you week in Science, you will explore how strings make sound, make a “string telephone” and perform an investigation. Exciting! What do you think?

In Maths you will be learning about money. Today you will learn how to use coins and notes to make different amounts. I am sure that you will apply your knowledge of decimals when solving problems involving money. Surely, you have made the link between money and decimals. Money is represented in decimal form with an additional pound or pence symbol (£) or (p) added.

To begin this morning, please get active with Jo Wicks or you may choose your own physical activity such as a dance video or even some yoga! Whatever you choose to do is up to you but you must ensure that you get some physical exercise today. I hope that you will enjoy your day of learning from home today. Remember to stay focussed but and try your best! Only your best will be good enough!


Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 teachers