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Good afternoon Year 4,

I hope that you have had a great day so far and that you have managed to complete your tasks today! Well done for making the effort. We really appreciate the fact that you are trying really hard to continue. 😊

How did you get on with your home learning today? What did you learn in Maths today? What new information did you find out about pitch today? What is pitch?  Did you do your morning exercise with Jo Wicks? Have you copied your spelling words for this week! After copying the words and looking at patterns today, you must remember to practise spelling these words, each day, for the rest of the week.  Many thanks to those of you who have sent images of your posters from last Friday’s PSHE lesson as requested. Well done! 😊

Anyway, I would like to wish you a very pleasant afternoon. Get some rest and we will be here waiting tomorrow morning.

Enjoy 😊

Good morning Year 4,

How are you this morning? I do hope that you had an awesome weekend doing fun activities and spending quality time with your family. This week, as you go out, please remember to “stay alert” and you must also remember to very strictly follow hygiene guidelines. This will help you, family and friends stay safe and healthy!

Welcome to a new week of learning! You will explore more exciting topics and activities this week. Are you enjoying your Art and DT so far? I have seen some brilliant examples of creative work form some of you! Thank you for making the effort to produce these wonderful pieces of home learning.

At some point this week, when convenient, please make sure that you have a read of this week’s edition of “First News” where you will be able to explore and keep informed on current issues happening in around us.

Please continue to be resilient and keep working hard even though you are not physically at school. I must say that I am pleased with each of you who have persevered and continue to complete and upload your tasks on a daily/weekly basis. Keep it up! 😊

Now, please get started on today’s learning. You must always check the timetable before you begin and you must also remember to GET ACTIVE today!

Have a great day! Looking forward to receiving your completed work via seesaw app.

Take care,

Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 teachers.