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Dear Year 4 pupils,

We hope that you have had a fun day learning from home. Thank you completing your home learning tasks today. You should be very proud of yourself if you have completed ALL set tasks on today’s timetable. We are certain that you will maintain the same level of enthusiasm for the remainder of this term and will be complete all others tasks with great pride.

Just quick reminder that you can send me images of final pieces of work by using seesaw have done. Please enjoy the rest of your afternoon. See you tomorrow.

Year 4 teachers

Good morning Year 4,

I hope that you had a great week off and are ready and eager to begin another term of learning. This is quite an exciting term with lots of fun and creative topics to cover.

Our topic for this half-term is called “Playlist”. This topic hopes to develop your love and appreciation of Music, Poetry and Art. Fun stuff! In Writing and Reading, our focus text will be “Highwayman by Alfred Noyes”. This is quite an interesting text and I am sure you will be able to develop your understanding of the content and will explore the rich vocabulary in this text.

In Maths, you will continue your learning using BBC Bitesize. I hope that you are enjoying working on that platform and are expanding your understanding of mathematical concepts.

Please have a look at the today’s timetable and try your very best to complete as much as you can. Please read carefully and follow the instructions given. You must also ensure that your work is neatly and correctly presented before you upload your work to seesaw. You will need to include the date, subject and learning objective.

Well it is time to get started on today’s learning. Remember to begin by getting active with Jo Wickes.

Have a great day and I will be in touch later.


Ms Radcliffe and the Year 4 team