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Afternoon Message - Monday 27th April 2020


Hi guys! Monday's work is now done and dusted and you can have a restful evening now. 

I hope you all enjoyed planning your persuasive letter. You may need to spend a bit more time tomorrow researching and developing your ideas before you begin your writing.

If you haven't already seen it, have a look at the great video on the 'Year Group Pages' section. It's a fantastic video and you might notice a few familiar faces!

Thank you to everyone who has kept me updated with their home learning - I am looking through my emails now and there is some great stuff! 

Keep up the good work and we will speak soon! :)


Mr Berry

Morning Message - Monday 27th April 2020


Good morning Year 6 and welcome back to another week of home learning! I hope you had a really restful weekend and are ready to  go full speed ahead into the new week!

We have changed the reading activities slightly this week, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. Rather than completing a whole section of a reading paper, you will be focusing on one specific skill/question type each day.

I am very excited about the writing task this week! I have asked each of you to write a persuasive letter to the Prime Minister - Boris Johnson. Again, there is lots of information below so make sure you read it carefully so you understand the task fully. I would love for as many of you as possible to send me your completed letters at the end of the week by either typing them up and emailing them to me, or sending me a picture of your work. I may even send the best ones on to 10 Downing Street!

Have a great day and please email me if you need anything at all ( :)


Mr Berry

Daily Timetable/Activities



Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be your school reading book, a home book, Bug Club or another text you enjoy. Identify any new and unknown vocabulary and find the definitions.


Today, rather than completing an entire reading comprehension section, you will be focusing on a specific question type. Today is 'True or False' type questions. Select either the Easy or Tricky sheets (or both!) depending on how confident you are with these question types. In each document there are three short texts to read through, with some true or false questions. The answers are at the end so that you can self mark.


Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



Visit the White Rose Maths website here:

Please complete Lesson One (Angles in Special Quadrilaterals). You can watch the video first to help you, then complete the worksheet and mark it. If you are finding it difficult, re-watch the video or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



This week you are each going to write a persuasive letter to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson! I would like you to pick one of the following options to base your persuasive letter around:

  • Schools should open before September.
  • Schools should  not open until September.
  • Children should be doing more school work whilst they are at home during the lockdown.
  • Children should be doing less school work whilst they are at home during the lockdown.

You can pick which of those topics you believe in most strongly.


Today you need to begin making a plan with all of your key ideas. Remember, the general structure of the persuasive letter would be:

  1. Introduction
  2. First argument
  3. Second argument
  4. Third argument
  5. Conclusion


You might need to do some research online to help you develop your arguments and find facts/statistics to back them up. Have a look at the success criteria below and the example to give you some ideas!


Practise your weekly spellings. Copy them into your home learning book and write their definitions.


Complete the SPaG activity below. There is a Powerpoint which you can work through to show you how to answer the questions. You can then work on the varied fluency questions. Select either 'Developing', 'Expected' or 'Greater Depth' depending on how confident you are with the topic. You can then mark your work and move onto the application and reasoning sheet.


​​​​​​You should have almost completed your foo diary for the past week.

Today I would like you to ensure it is complete, then write a paragraph to evaluate your diet over the past week. Use the following prompts to help you:

  • Have you had your 5-a-day of fruit and veg each day?
  • Have you had a varied and balanced diet, with food from each of the food groups?
  • Have your meals been at regular times?
  • Are you eating too much/not enough?
  • How would you improve your diet over the past week?