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Good afternoon Year 4,

I hope that you have had a great day so far and that you have managed to complete your tasks today! Well done for making the effort. We really appreciate the fact that you are trying really hard to continue 😊.

How did you get on with your home learning today? What did you learn in Maths today? Exactly what did you store today in your hippocampus? What did you find out about rivers? Did you do your exercise this morning? To prove that you did, send me your images 😊! Many thanks to those of you who have sent images of your brilliant work as requested. Look out for your work on the webpage later this week.

Anyway, I would like to wish you a very pleasant afternoon. Get some rest and we will be here waiting tomorrow morning.

Enjoy 😊

Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 team.

Good Morning Year 4,

I hope that you are all well, have had a great weekend and are ready to go this week. This is the last week in April and I must say well done to you all for preserving and trying your hardest to continue your learning during this very difficult period. Rest assured that many of us are finding it difficult but we just need to be resilient and hopeful.

I would really love to read some of the descriptions you wrote during your literacy sessions last week. If you haven’t already done so, then please send an image of your wonderful descriptions and any other fantastic pieces of work you have completed to me at I am really looking forward to reading them and uploading them to our webpage.

Today you will notice that a copy of “First News” is on your webpage. Please feel free to browse and read articles you find interesting. You may also want to discuss some of their content or information with your family members.

Now, it is time to begin today’s learning. You may want to go straight ahead and start your day doing PE with Jo Wicks. Ask a member of your family to take a picture of you exercising and send it to me if you want to see yourself on the webpage. Make sure you do!

 Best wishes and try to complete as many as you are able to!


Ms Radcliffe and Year 4 team

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