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Joe Wicks is back for another week to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.


LO: To design a story map of events. 


This week, you will be writing a letter as Joey (the horse) to his mother, sending it to his home address hoping she will somehow go back to their original home to search for him. He will recount all his experience since he has been sold, focussing on the events at the farm. This could include how Joey may have felt when he got sold to the farmer and then how he develops a relationship with Albert. Today, you will map out the story event by event so you can decide how to structure your letter. Focus on what happened at each point and try to write as much detail as you can.