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Monday 23rd March

Hello again year 3!

I hope you had a lovely first day of home learning and you have all worked as hard at home as you do in school with your learning.


The answers for the reading comprehension and maths are now available so go and see how you got on!

If you found anything too difficult today, do not worry. Drop me a message and let me know what you need more support on and I will be more than happy to help smiley


I am excited to know who has thought of how they can show kindness to the people that look after you.

I would also love to receive any photos of your pop art project so far (even if it isn't quite finished yet) so feel free to email these to me on and I will make sure they are put on the pop art projects page on our home learning page.


Tomorrow, you have another jam packed day of learning including finding out the differences between Italy and Britain in Geography and feature finding in writing. 


Make sure you spend lots of time with your family tonight and get an early night so you are up and ready for all your learning tomorrow!


Remember to share your work with us and we will be back tomorrow!


Mr Hollingsworth laugh


Happy Monday year 3! 

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for all your learning from home this week! Today, you will need to follow the timetable and complete all the work in your new homework books. 


All the 3 teachers are very much looking forward to reading your desert island diary entries for writing. In Maths, you will need to remember to convert some of the measurements to help you add the lengths together. We expect to see your best handwriting and laying your work out as neatly as possible 


Remember, if you get stuck or need any help from the teachers, you can message us by sending an email to 


Do not forget your PSHE challenge for the day which following mothers day yesterday, can you think of ways you can show kindness throughout the year to all the people that care for you.


We will be back at 3 o clock this afternoon to give you the answers which you can use to mark your learning yourself!


Have a great day!