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Monday 20th April

Good afternoon year 3!


I hope it wasn’t too difficult getting back into your daily home learning routine today.


Thank you to all the children who have sent in their Easter Whole School Project Learning to me. These will be going up on the school website very shortly.


How did you get on writing your own version of Pandora’s box? Myself and the rest of the year three team can’t wait to read them and I’m sure you are excited to read each others stories.

I hope you found the new Maths learning on White Rose easy to use and that you have learnt more about equivalent fractions today. If you found it tricky, you can always go back and look through the teaching video as many times as you need to.

I would also love to see your designs for your Greek vases so please share them with me!


We had lot’s of you sharing your home learning last half term so let’s see if we can get even more of you sharing your learning with us so that we can share it with everybody under the ‘Celebrating Our Learning’ page! To do this, all you need to do is email me the image or document of your learning to  (please don’t forget to leave the child’s name and the class they are in on the email).


Your answers for Reading and SPaG are now available so go and see how you go on!


Have a wonderful evening and see you all tomorrow!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)


Good morning year 3 and welcome back to your daily home learning!


We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are ready to begin your last term of the year. It’s gone so quickly!

This half term’s learning (20.04.20 – 22.05.20) we will name Summer 1 with the last half term going from 01.06.20 – 24.06.20 which we will name Summer 2.


We would love to see your whole school projects you completed for Science and History over the Easter break so please send them into us at; so we can share them with everybody. Please don't forget to leave your name and class.


Our topic rationale for this half term is; 'Developing An Understanding Of Democracy'.


Our United Nations Conventions On Rights Of The Child article this half term we will be focusing on is, Article 3 - The Right To Adults Who Always Do What Is Best For You.


Today, you will be starting with a short P.E class with Joe Wicks.

After that, you will be doing your first piece of learning about what a Greek myth is in writing before writing your own version of the story of, ‘Pandora’s Box’.

This will be followed by Maths which we are very fortunate in being able to use the incredible resources of ‘White Rose Maths’. If you have any problems or are unsure of what exactly you need to do for this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You will be learning about the difference between direct and indirect speech in SPaG and completing a reading comprehension based on the story of Pandora’s Box in Reading.

Finally, in Art, you will be learning about Ancient Greek pottery and then designing your own which we cannot wait to see!


We had lots of you sending in and sharing your learning with us last half term, but we still want to see more and more of you sharing your learning with us so we can put it on to the ‘Celebrating Our Learning’ page. Again, send these into us at


Have a wonderful day everybody and I will be back at 3:00pm today to upload the answers and speak with you again!


Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)