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Monday 1st June

Good afternoon year 3!


How was your first day of learning of the Summer 2 half term? 


All the teachers in year 3 have been discussing how amazing some of the learning you are doing at home is so well done to all the children who are regularly sharing their learning with us through Seesaw.


You had some tricky things to learn today and maybe things you haven't done in the past. 

For Writing, you will be carrying on with explanation texts for the next 3 weeks so don't worry too much at the moment if you are unsure of what it needs to include yet.

You learnt compass points in Geography today and we have lots of exciting Geography learning to do over the half term.

In SPaG, you were learning about subordinate clauses which can be very confusing but again, you will be practising subordinate clauses all week do keep going!


The deadline to win the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids edtion tablet has been extended to the 8th June so there is still time to win! Just a reminder of what you need to do to have a chance of winning this incredible prize;


Key Stage 2: Year 3-6
Make a drawing and write a few sentences describing how your neighbourhood is changing due to the current construction and how you would like it to improve. Here are a few examples: better quality homes, more parks and playgrounds to enjoy together, places for scooting and cycling, more trees, walks along the river, safe routes to town, more colourful streets, lots of opportunities for fun and adventure.


 BeFirst are also hoping to hold an exhibition at school, this will be to showcase the excellent work produced by our children, once lock down has been lifted.


For more details and how to enter, Parents/Carers can visit the FLP Webpage or


Have a lovely evening everyone!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)

Dear children,

A very warm welcome to Summer 2 half term. 


I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing week and enjoyed the sunshine as much as you could. I hope lots of you entered the competition to win an Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet and you attempted your world record attempt on times tables rock stars! What was your best score?

Don't forget to check and see if and who has won a golden award from your class today.


Our topic for this half term is: ‘Rock, Relics and Rumbles

The topic rationale for this half term is: ‘Making Sense Of Our World’

UNCRC Right focus for this half term is: 'Article 14 - The right to choose your own religion and beliefs’


We would encourage you to complete your daily tasks, and then, share your learning to us at through the SeeSaw app. If there are any challenges with the learning, please do not hesitate to also message us through SeeSaw for support.


Remember to wash your hands (20 seconds) regularly and stay safe and healthy.

Also, ensure you go to bed early each day, so you would feel refreshed to go through the daily activities.


Have a great day everybody!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple Class)