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Monday 15th June

Good afternoon all,


I have no doubt that some of you are getting into the routine of the weekly timetable and are thriving from that structure. Remember to just do what you can!


I have been so pleased to see that many of you are having amazing home learning experiences. I have seen lots of creativity, photos of lots of cooking going on and some of you are doing a fantastic job at challenging yourself and learning new skills.

It is really important that you take the time out to do the things that you love and to challenge yourself.


Answers are available so please mark your learning before you upload on SEESAW.


Have a restful evening,

Mrs Ajmal (Vjollce)

Hello Wonderful Year 3s,


I hope that you had a great week off and you are ready to begin another week of learning. It is a new week and a new opportunity to expand your knowledge through your learning!


P.E: Avengers HIIT Fitness… WOW! I am excited! Are you? You must do some physical activity everyday to keep yourself fit and healthy.


Reading: In reading your task for today is ‘How Weeds get everywhere? ‘

It is great that you are reading regularly, exposing yourself to new texts and fostering a love for reading, which is the ultimate goal!


Writing: Today’s learning is pretty straight forward and your main focus for the day is to spend time producing a wonderful question title and an introduction for your explanation text. Make sure you have your writing targets, set by your teachers, in your mind.


SPAG: You will be learning about present perfect and simple past today and for the rest of this week.


Maths: Ordering fractions, but please go back and have a look at the comparing fractions activity you completed on Thursday. Also, watch the video before you start the ordering fraction activity. When order the fractions please keep in your mind the key words Smallest and Largest.


Science: Investigation on how the water is transported to the plants. After today's Science lesson, if you have the things at home, feel free to carry out the extra fun experiment!


Your teachers can’t wait to review your fantastic home learning on SeeSaw!


Have a Marvellous Monday,

Mrs Ajmal (Vjollce)