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Miss Connelly

Hello Everyone!


I hope you are all well? So what have you been up to? I hope you haven't been eating too much chocolate, Miss Connelly has been very naughty and has eaten 3 chocolate eggs already!

Has anyone managed to get any hot cross buns yet? Who can remember what symbols are on hot cross buns and why? Maybe you could try making some at home, I remember Vermelho class enjoyed their R.E lesson when we made these!


What activities have you got planned for the Easter Holiday's? I'm going to try and be creative and decorate my very own Easter egg! You can try it at home too, what you will need to have is an egg, some felt tips or paint, food dye or materials. I will boil my egg first to make sure it is hard and then I will let it cool down before painting it. Check out some of these examples.     

Has anyone seen Miss Boyce's beautiful rainbow picture that she created with one of the nursery children, in support of the NHS? I think its wonderful, you should all try and create one too. When I was driving home from Tesco I noticed some lovely children had put their drawings of rainbows in their windows so that people can see the support and love that they are sharing with the world, I thought this was a fantastic idea! 

I personally believe Easter is all about family and friends and although everything seems challenging and strange at the moment, it is important to keep busy doing lots of fun activities. You could create a Easter card for a friend or family member, then when you see them they will know you were thinking of them during the holidays. Maybe you could bake or cook something interesting, I've noticed Miss Shermin has taken on baking, let me tell you she makes a good banana cake! 


Please have a look at the Easter activities and have a go at being extra creative, if its a writing, reading or maths exercise remember what methods we use in school and apply which means use, them in your writing. Make sure you keep fit, just because you have time off, doesn't mean you can just lounge about... UP UP UP YOU GET! Maybe you can do just dance online, home exercises or maybe go for a short walk for some fresh air with your parents/carers.


By the way... Miss Bernard has had her baby boy and his name is Ethan Bernard Taylor, he is really cute and she has asked me to thank you all so very much, to everyone who brought Ethan lots of gifts, she is super happy and she is doing just fine! Hopefully when we come back to school Miss Bernard and Ethan will surprise us with a visit!


I hope you all enjoy this time off you have all worked really hard and if you like please send in some of your lovely work during the holidays!


Lots of Love,

Miss Connelly