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Miss Boyce

Hello everyone! laugh


Although the Easter Holidays are a little bit different this year, I really hope you can enjoy them as much as possible. Have you tried creating a rainbow poster to show our nurses, doctors and everyone at the NHS how much we appreciate their hard work? Sebastian from Nursery and I made this rainbow poster to say thank you to his Mummy who is a nurse. smiley

The safest place for us to stay at the moment is at home, where we can look after ourselves and our families. Me and my Mum have been making sure we have a little walk up and down our street to get some fresh air and you would NEVER guess who we have been bumping in to....


Still image for this video

AN ACTUAL DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!! We have named him Ian. laughwink Maybe I should write a story about him?! 


I'm sending all my love to you and your families - keep yourselves safe at home, keep washing your hands and continue to be the wonderful, helpful and incredible children that you all are! 


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce (and Ian the Dinosaur - rawwrr!) wink