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Message for Shobuj Class

Dear Shobuj Class,

 I hope you are all fine and looking forward to the summer break.  It has been a long journey, but here we are, it’s time to celebrate and also to say goodbye.  Well done to all of you for being resilient, hardworking and staying very strong and positive throughout the difficult times.  You have indeed proved that you are capable of accomplishing every dream that you may have.  Well done! 

Today, it’s hard to say goodbye. It’s an adjustment to go from welcoming your face at my classroom door each morning to wondering how you’re doing years later. It’s difficult to go from being your safe place, your smiling but strictest teacher, someone that you talk to when the need arises, someone that cares for you, to someone you see occasionally around the school. 

I know I am just your teacher, but we have spent five days a week together since September 2019, and change is never easy. I hope you’ll remember me. I hope my discipline made you stronger.  I hope my kindness made you feel safe.  I hope that my classroom was a place that you learned many things and made many friends, I hope it was a place you genuinely like to be. I will greatly miss you all!

While I’m a little sad to welcome a whole new group next year instead of continuing to know you more, I will think of you succeeding in year 5 and the rest of your education.  I will think of how you’ve grown and how you will continue to do so.  I will also not only think of how much you’ve learned, but also how much you’ve taught me as we’ve grown. 

Thank you for the times you brought a smile to my face.  Until we see each other again in September, enjoy the summer break and remember to stay safe.  You will greatly be missed.