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Meet the Inclusion Team at Gascoigne Primary

At Gascoigne Primary, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a wide range of professionals who are on hand to support children to achieve the best outcomes.  They are committed in ensuring children's needs, including their well being needs, are met and that their learning experience is positive and they feel happy, safe and respected.


SEMH ARP – Horizon 360

Joanne Adeyemi


On maternity leave


Lisa Watson


Dee Excell


Kalvin Gordon

 (Nurture lead)



Nurture Team


EYFS and year 1 nurture


Alison Wallin – Nurture Room Lead


Sally-Anne Nurse – Nurture Room Assistant


Saturn Room (KS2 based at Gascoigne Road)


Aron Hassan – Nurture Room Lead



Tina Carroll – Nurture Room Assistant


Social Communication Team


Susan Hill – Social Communication Lead including KS2 Outreach

Star Room (EYFS)

Andette Magnus  – Social Communication Room Assistant (NNEB)


Rainbow Room (KS1)

Salma Miah – Social Communication Room Assistant (Maternity)



Farhana Yesmin

Erica Stephens

Aleksanda Kazakova (Maternity)


Pranvera Hysi

Joanne Nicholson

Pinar Sen (Maternity)


MDAs The Shaftesburys

Xhemile Bunjaku

Grace Odufona

Alaya Uddin

MDA Gascoigne Road

 Lavdije Dauti

Eucharia Onyenwe

Xhevrie Shuti


Learning Mentor Team

Emotional health and wellbeing practitioner - Michelle Schembri


Charlotte Bryan


Lee Skinner


Family Liaison Practitioner Team


Marie Attard


Kelly McKinnon


School Counsellor


Melissa Purnell




Educational Psychologist


Alana Laing



Social Workers (Student)


To be based at Gascoigne Road site from January 2020



To be based at The Shaftesburys site from January 2020