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Wednesday 29th April

Good afternoon year 3,


I hope you had an enjoyable day of home learning and that you have worked as hard as you possibly can. All today's answers are now available so go and check out how you got on.


For my afternoon message today, I wanted to repeat the really exciting message you should all have received from Mr Fox through parent mail today.


We are delighted to announce that in response to feedback from parents, we are improving our home learning provision, with effect from next Monday 4th May.


As you know, we are providing a full programme of learning for pupils in each year group, directly matched to the curriculum that we teach at Gascoigne. This will not change. It is available here:


From next Monday, pupils will be asked to upload their learning onto Seesaw - a free app designed to enable pupil-teacher interaction in a safe and user-friendly way.


Through the use of Seesaw, your child will be able to share a photograph or video of their learning with their teacher. They can also complete pieces of writing or drawing directly on the app. Once your child's learning has been uploaded and checked by their teacher, they will receive a personal comment and feedback in the same way that they would in school. Your child can then improve their learning in response to the feedback given. We are also encouraging children to discuss their learning and their daily routine with their teacher via the app, if they would like to.


Please be assured that the privacy settings on the app have been set to ensure that your child's learning and comments will only be visible to their teacher and the Senior Leadership Team. Other pupils will not be able to view your child's learning, and there is no chatroom function between pupils.


In order for your child to make use of this great new opportunity, and to benefit from a learning dialogue with their teacher, please follow the steps below:


1) Go to on a computer. Or install the free Seesaw Class app on a mobile phone or tablet.

2) Choose "I'm a student".

3) Enter your personal 12 digit text code that will be sent to you shortly in a separate email.


Please ensure that you install the "Seesaw Class" app and not the Seesaw Family app.


Once you have received your text code(s), please install the app at your earliest convenience in order for your child to begin a learning dialogue with their teacher from next Monday. Please note that if you have more than one child in the school, you will receive a text code for each child. Each child will then need to log in and out separately. Further info on how to upload your child's learning within the app will be shared later in the week. 


Please note that in accessing the app, you are agreeing to abide by Seesaw's terms and conditions. We would also remind parents that all posts on Seesaw will be monitored, and ask you to discuss appropriate use of the app with your child before allowing them to use it. Further guidance on this will also be shared later this week.


On behalf of all teachers at Gascoigne, I strongly urge you to enable your child to make use of this great opportunity. We have been struck by how excited children have been when we have spoken with some of them over the phone. We know it will mean a lot to the children, both personally and academically, to be able to have a stronger learning relationship with their teacher during this difficult time.


If you have any questions about this, then please feel free to contact the school on 02082704291. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will get back to you.


From the year 3 team, we can't wait to see you learning on Seesaw!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)


Good morning year 3 and welcome to Wednesday!


Today, you have lots more exciting learning to do.

Straight after your morning routine of completing your P.E lesson from Joe Wicks, you are going to be writing the ending to your mythical story. Do not forget to use all the support materials which have been left for you in today’s writing folder.


One of my favourite things to do in Maths is problem solving and that is exactly what you are going to be doing today through White Rose home learning today! Remember to watch the teaching video as many times as you need to so that you understand it before you begin the worksheet.


In SPaG today, you will be continuing with conjunctions but now learning more about time conjunctions. You should be taking what you are learning in your SPaG lessons into your writing as well. How many conjunctions will we see in your mythical stories?


You will be reading probably my very favourite Greek myth today in reading which is, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. I know you are going to enjoy reading it as much as I did!


Finally, you will be finishing your day with your second Science lesson for this half term which is all about ‘Reflective Surfaces’. Again, do not forget to read the information as many times as you need to before moving on to the task.


Thank you to everybody who is sharing their learning with us at You will be all finding out very shortly a new and exciting way you can share your home learning with us!


Have a wonderful day and I will be back at 3:00pm with your end of day message and answers.

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)