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Making equal groups-grouping


Today we will continue with making equal groups. You will be doing some drawing, and practical activity and completing stem sentences. 
Open the document below and go straight to question 2. Now, in your books can you draw 8 counters like you can see in the picture? Then, follow the instructions to circle groups of 2 and then copy and complete the stem sentence.

 How many counters altogether and how many groups of 2 did you make?


Go through all the questions looking at the pictures and complete the stem sentences in your books. When you get to question 4. See if you can get 30 objects/counters. 
With your 30 objects can you make groups of 2? How many groups did you make using the 30 objects?

Then, making groups in 5s … how many groups of 5 did you make using 30 objects? Now, grouping in 10s… how many groups of 10 did you make using your 30 objects? 


 Remember to write and complete the stem sentences in your book.


Have fun!