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Dear Year 1,


For today’s activity you will investigate how long each activity takes place.

You will need a stop watch or you can use the link below:

 Work with someone at home to estimate the units that should be used to measure the durations of various activities. First you will need to estimate and then measure the time for various activities using a stopwatch.

Copy and complete the grid in your Home learning book.



Can you create your own activities and estimate and measure how long it takes to complete them?






Estimate and measure time

For each activity, estimate and measure how long each of the activities take you. Use a stopwatch to help you.


Time taken to complete the activity


Write a sentence



Write your full name.





Hop on the spot 20 times.





Walk from one end of your bedroom to the other.





Write a sentence about where you live.





Draw a clock with numbers and both hands.





Walk three times around your home.