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Lesson objective: To identify the countries of the United Kingdom.


Success criteria:

  • I can name the countries of the UK. 

  • I can label the countries of the UK on a map. 

  • I can identify the capital cities of the countries of the UK. 


Task 1:

What do you already know?

Look at  map of the UK, can you identify which country you live in?  


Task 2: 

In this lesson you will be learning about the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a union of four countries. The four countries in the United Kingdom are: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 


Go through and discuss the Power Point. 


Task 3: 

Look at the blank map of the UK. Label and identify the countries and capital cities of the UK. Check if you were accurate:    


Task 4:

Watch this video to recap your knowledge of the United Kingdom.

Task 2 - Power Point