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Each day, click on the White Rose home learning link below.

When you get on to the web page, you have to watch the day's teaching video.

White Rose will not be giving access to their worksheets anymore so you will now find your worksheets at the bottom of this page. 


You do not have to print the worksheets out. If any questions require you to, feel free to just discuss the answer with somebody else in your home or just work it out in your head (mentally).


Today's teaching video is 'Lesson 1 - Draw Accurately' which is under the Summer Term - Week 10 (w/c 29th June) drop down. 


Click on the following link to access today's teaching video:

If you cannot print off the sheets, leave out question 2 on the first page. Also, for page 2, question 1, you do not need to work with a partner.