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Good Morning Year 2!!


Welcome back to another exciting week of learning Math. In the last few weeks, you all have amazed us by doing fantastic arithmetic work. This week we are going to focus on reasoning. The topics are going to remain the same, the ones you have learnt and practiced in school and you have been reconsolidating in recent weeks, for example, Addition, Subtraction, Money, Fraction, Time, Shapes, etc. You know those topics, don’t you? Yeah, you are clever clogs……... The only difference is that you need to read and understand the question properly as it won’t tell you directly what to do. For example, it won’t tell you to work out 4 + 5 =? The question will rather tell you like a story, for example, if Amin had 4 apples and James gives him another 5, how many would Amin have altogether? As you can see, it’s a simple addition that you all are really good at but it’s just about understanding what operation you need to do. Read the question properly before you start working out. Enjoy reasoning your Maths questions this week. Good luck!!