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Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Welcome back to another week of working from home!!

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. This week we are going to focus on ‘Time’. We will start from O’clock and half past and by the end of the week we will learn to read the time on a clock to the nearest 5 minutes. Go through the PowerPoints first before you attempt to complete your work. Remember to check your answers at the end. If you find it tricky don’t forget to click on the tricky icon and have a go at those activities.

We are so excited to see our virtual classrooms on the Seesaw. Thank you, all those children and their parents who are uploading their work and thank, you in advance to all those children and their parents who will be uploading from today. We are looking forward to seeing your work. Remember focus on your handwriting and your presentation as much as actual work.

Good luck.