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Friday 01.04.20

We have learnt so much about multiplication and knowing different methods to understand multiplication. Can you remember them…? Arrays, grouping, repeated addition and even doubling. They all help us to understand multiplying. Phew what a lot!

Today we are starting something different, we are looking at halving. When you cut an object in half, let’s say an apple you will get 2 pieces but you have to make sure it is cut equally in the middle so that both sides are the same size.

Activity 1

Can you cut something in half maybe a banana, apple, sandwich or anything you can find at home that can be cut? Make sure an adult or someone is there to supervise you.

How many pieces do you have and are they the same size?

Activity 2

There is a marvellous activity on White Rose that we will go through together so make sure that you can see it.

1a) Draw your six pencils and circle half.

Remember when you half there is two equal groups so you should have two equal groups of pencils.

      b)  Half of 6 is_______


    2a)  Draw your 4 stars and colour half of the stars

      b)  Draw your 8 pears and colour half of the pears


3a,b and c you will look at the pictures or arrays and work out half of them and complete the stem sentence.

Question 4 says, 7 is half of… it’s already given you the half, which is 7.

So, what is that 7 half of … think about doubles…. I know you can do it!