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Making doubles


Today, we are going to learn to double numbers and write their related number sentences.


What is doubling?  It is when you multiply something by 2 for example:

1x2       2x2     When you double something, you'll have two of that thing.


Also, it is when you add the same amount to the original number or object. For example 3+3     4+4


For a quick warm up activity follow the link to play Double archery - Complete within 20:


Now let's test our knowledge!  How old are you? 5 or 6 years old. Let’s say 5.    5 add another 5 is the same as double 5, this makes 10.

So, double 5 = 10  or 5+5=10 or 5x2=10


Can you work out double 6? Think about when we added the same number twice. How are you going to work this out?  Which strategy are you going to use?  Remember you can create a number line to help you with your counting on or even use your knowledge of 2 times table to help you work through this tasks.


Now open the document below and you'll find your task for the day.

Have fun!