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Good Morning everyone!!! smiley

Happy Monday and welcome back to a brand-new week of learning. This week, we are going revise our number families as part of our Starter tasks and then we are going to learn about position and direction. We can use our knowledge from cross curricular as we have learnt some of these words in Geography too. First of all, go through the PowerPoint - that is a very good start. It will help you refresh your memory and give you all the vocabulary that you need, for example, ‘clockwise’, ‘anti clockwise’, ‘half turn’, ‘full turn’ etc. Once you have understood it, have a go at some of those activities. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with some challenge activities if you find the other activities easy. Remember to check your answers and only check your answers once you have competed the task on your own. If you find those activities tricky, click on the link for the tricky page and have a go at competing some of those activities.