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Fantastic Food Factory


To promote the schools menu of healthy, hot school meals, on the 19th of January we will be offering The Fantastic Food Factory! A themed menu with two 'fantastic fun-filled' desserts.

The main menu on the day will not change, as this day falls on a Thursday and we know how popular a roast dinner is, but we will also offer a choice of either a red velvet cake with pink custard or an ‘explosive’ krispy cake.



New Lunchtime Menu (Dec 2016)

Important Information from Barking and Dagenham's Catering Team: 

Barking and Dagenham Catering Services have undertaken a procurement exercise, which has resulted in a change to one of our food service providers. We are happy to announce that this will result in improved delivery schedules and service. As the transition to the new provider takes place, from 4th-6th January there will be a few minor changes to the menu. These changes are listed below:


Changes from current menu are highlighted:  

Wednesday 4th January

Veggie Balls

Salmon Penne in a Tomato Sauce


Jacket Potatoes

Potato Wedges

Apple and Mixed Berry Crumble with Custard


Thursday 5th January

Roast Chicken Fillet

Spanish Omelette



Roast Potatoes

Jacket Potatoes

Banana Slice


Friday 6th January

Tempura Fish Fillet

Cheese and Tomato Flan

Gourmet Fries  

Garden Peas

Baked Beans

Jacket Potatoes

Fruity Friday – Fresh Fruit Platter

From Monday 9th January, the menu will return to normal.

Lunchtimes at Gascoigne


Welcome to our Lunchtime pages!

At Gascoigne, we view lunchtimes as being a highly important part of the day. Our pupils' experiences of lunchtimes are greatly enriched by our fantastic team of Midday Supervisors...

Thumbs up for our fantastic Midday Team!

Our Midday Assistants are keen to make sure that our children show integrity as lunchtime; they have their Stay on Green prompt cards ready!



Ms Pashai, Ms Excell and Ms Burton: Supervisors
Ms Warwick, Ms Dunn and Ms Portelli

Ms Pashai, Ms Excel and Ms Burton say... "We believe in developing respect and morals. We encourage interaction, but most of all we like to have fun, fun, fun!"


Ms Warwick, Ms Dunn and Ms Portelli say... "We encourage the children to have good table manners and use their cutlery properly."

Ms Hajji, Ms Abdalla and Ms Munir
Ms Creese, Ms Uddin and Ms Henry

Ms Hajji and Ms Munrir say... "We have been at Gascoigne for quite a long time! We are proud of the fantastic behaviour of the children during lunchtime." 

Ms Creese, Ms Uddin and Ms Henry say... "We work hard to ensure that all children are safe. We aim to give our best for the school."

Ms Sultana, Ms Begum, Ms Amrous and Ms Hussain
Ms Sultana, Ms Begum, Ms Amrous and Ms Hussain say... "We always make sure all children are safe and happy, and enjoy their lunchtime."
Ms Goca, Ms Ramqaj and Ms Musa
What a Team!

Ms Goca, Ms Ramqaj and Ms Musa say.... "We communicate really well with the children, and help them to show respect for everyone around the school."


Training schedule - Midday Assistants (Gascoigne site)

"We all believe in a happy and healthy lunchtime, in which our pupils are safe and active!"

A nutritious meal in the middle of the day is vital to pupils' learning in the afternoon. Read on to discover more about school dinners at Gascoigne...


School Meals


We believe that a balanced healthy school lunch is vital to help make sure children are nutritionally re- charged to work through the afternoon and able to deliver their best.  Eating a healthy meal is known to improve behaviour, concentration and the ability to achieve, which is why it is especially important that children eat a delicious, healthy meal at school.


The school meals meet all nutritional standards and guidelines.  Dishes are expertly prepared each day on the premises, using fresh, local organic ingredients. We develop our menus in consultation with pupils and parents to ensure children like their meals.  We cater for all medically diagnosed special dietary conditions and aim to provide for a variety of cultural and religious requirements.


All KS1 pupils are entitled to free school meals, saving you money and making your life easier, knowing your child is receiving a full balanced healthy, nutritious meal each day.  Please ensure you complete an application form for this, from the school reception, so we receive the required funding.


Our school meal payment system is cashless.  Please make sure you set up your own Pay parent account – see website for further details (add link).  Please note that an application for free school meals will be required for older children.  Please refer to LBBD website to see if your child is eligible for free school meals.


With each school meal purchased, pupils also receive Splashcard reward points to spend on fabulous gifts.  It’s a great way to encourage young people to choose delicious healthy school lunches!

If your child has opted to have a packed lunch from home, please refer to our Packed lunch policy and our Packed lunch guide to give you some ideas on how to vary your child’s lunches and to ensure they are receiving a balanced diet.