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Laal Class

A message from Miss Boyce:

Hello my little pickles! 🤩


Wow.. Where do I even begin?! THANK YOU for being such a wonderful, caring and enthusiastic class. 😁 I am beyond proud of all of you - particularly more recently where you have had to adapt to a very different way of learning. Without a doubt in mind, I know you have all tried your very best at home because you are all such superstars! 🌟


We have shared so many memories this year together - our classroom was always filled with smiles and laughter 😁 but we always had our sensible hats next to us when we needed to focus a little more. 😉


You have all worked so hard at using your words to give your friends and adults such thoughtful compliments - keep this up! ❤️ The kind words and helpfulness that you all showed towards eachother in class consistently made my heart smile - Ms Stanciu is so lucky to have you! 


GOOD LUCK on your new journey into Year 3. 😁 I know that you will all continue to shine as bright as the beautiful diamonds you are. 🤩 


I will miss you all so much! 


Lots and lots of love and hugs, 


Miss Boyce 🤓❤️

Laal Class 2019 - 2020 ❤️

A message from Ms Westlake:


Hi children,


Hasn’t this been the most strange year? I’m just so sad that I haven’t been able to see you for the last few months. You are the most amazing, funny and super-duper curious cookies and I thank you for being so nice to me when we were working together.


In the holidays, I know that you will try your hardest to explore, experiment and have jolly good fun so that you can re-charge your batteries and have a fantastic time in Year 3, when you come back in September.


Have fun, keep safe and I’m sending you big squishy hugs.


Love from Mrs Westlake