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Kamala- Miss Begum

Hello Kamala,


Kamala, for one last day! I hope you are all well right now, at home, safe and sound. What a year it's been. Yes, this year will go down in history and yes, we were a part of it. However, I know these past few months were also filled with sadness, some happiness, possibly fear and much confusion. And it's been difficult to be the best learner you can be amidst it all. I understand. But I also saw the change in you last year, the creeping change of focus and ambition in all of you. I saw you begin to become learners with goals and aspirations in mind.


So, I believe that in Year 6, you all will try hard to prosper to get exactly where you want to be. It's sad that we couldn't say goodbye together and it's unfortunate that we couldn't be Kamala once more face to face. But I've had a great year with you all, working hard to help you achieve the goals you wanted. I'm proud of all your efforts. And I wish you all the best in Year 6. I hope it is a wonderful year for you.


A final reminder: if you have any books you borrowed from school or myself, please bring them in to return to me in September.


Take care and have a brilliant and safe break.

Ms Begum