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Kamala Class - Mrs. Akhtar


Hello Kamala,


Firstly, I would like to tell you that I am incredibly excited to have you all next academic year, can you believe that you are almost in Year 5? How are you all feeling about this?


I have heard so many great things about you that I can’t wait to start our new and exciting journey as a class. No doubt, this year will be challenging, but please be assured that I am here to help and guide you, into more well-rounded and confident individuals. We will work together to ensure, that your learning takes place through lots of fun activities through your sheer dedication and passion towards learning. For now, I want you to reflect on what you have achieved so far in Year 4 and think of a few areas in which you need to work on to make yourself better. As a class, we all need to make sure we have a common goal - I have very high expectations and hope you all have to! We will work as a group to reach our full potential working exceptionally hard to achieve the best possible outcome.


I know some of you may be anxious or nervous about returning to school after such a long time being away, but please be at peace. The school has been and will make sure that the school is ready for you, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.   

Rest well and have a great summer holiday! See you all nice and fresh ready to learn….


Last words:

“Make each day your masterpiece”

Every living moment do your best. The rewards will be amazing. It’s just that simple.


Mrs Akhtar J