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Dear children,


In today's ICT activity, you'll learn to explore a website by clicking on a hyperlink to take you to the website. Then, use the website buttons, menus; and the back button on your keyboard effectively to complete a program on the website.



What is a web button? A web button is a tiny advertising tool hosted on a website.  Web buttons are small images in some World Wide Web (www) pages which are used to promote programs that were used to create or host the site.







What is a web menu?The site menu appears on every page of a site. The menu is the list of options or commands presented to the user of a computer. See example below.





What is a hyperlink?


A hyperlink is a word, phrase or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document.  




What is a back button?  The back button on a computer takes the user back to their previous location  or page.                 





Now, you're going to use a hyperlink, backspace, website buttons and menu to navigate a website.

Click on the hyperlink below to get started. 


Remember to email us if you need support.


Best of luck!