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Hello year 2,


For your ICT activity, I just want to remind you all that although working on a computer, laptop or maybe even an Ipad may be exciting, but we must make sure we are being safe and very careful!

We spoke about internet safety a little while ago but I just want to remind you all about keeping safe! 

If you login to your Purple Mash accounts an activity has been set for you all to complete on internet safety. 


Once you have finished that you have a Bar Chart activity. You will be creating your own bar chart, it may be how much fruit or vegetables you have in your house or even how many coloured cars you may see. The activity has been set up for you do, you just need to login to your Purple Mash accounts. I will also upload the instructions for you, just in case you become stuck, make sure you send us in your bar charts, we'd love to see what you come up with! If you are not sure of your details, then you need to email Miss Shermin for your details.