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Learning Objective: To label objects.


Success Criteria:

  • I can describe objects using labels. 
  • I can match objects to groups. 
  • I can identify the label for a group of objects. 


In this lesson, pupils will begin to understand that objects have many different labels that can be used to put them into groups. They will name different objects and begin to experiment with placing them into different groups. Pupils will also label a group of objects, and begin to understand that an object can fit into more than one group depending on the context. 



Complete the Plants labelling and human labelling game activities.


Log on to Purplemash  by following the link below:


Click on your 2Dos

Select your Plants labelling activity. Drag the correct label or word from your word bank and place it to match the part of the plant.

Now save your learning in your class folder with your name.



Can you label parts of a human being?To complete this,select Human being labelling from your 2Dos. Drag the correct label or word from your word bank to complete labelling the parts of the human being.

Remember to save your learning in your class folder.


Have fun!