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Objective: To create a program to make a CHARACTER move automatically.


Success Criteria:

 I can write a program that controls how a CHARACTER moves.

 I can explain what is happening and write down/ talk through my code. 


Well done for creating and experimenting with different backgrounds using the Free Code Chimp area in your previous lesson.


Today, you'll be creating your own scenes and putting CHARACTERS into the scenes This is similar to the scenes from a play or picture books showing different backgrounds and CHARACTERS. The CHARACTERS are very important to that particular scene (e.g. you have a snowman in a winter scene, a lion in a jungle and a shark in an ocean).


Log into your Purple mash account and click on your 2DOs.

Launch your set activity:

Free Code Chimp   

In this activity, you'll have to add your own background and CHARACTER in DESIGN MODE linked to your story/ topic of choice.).

Then, add code to the CHARACTER – making them move left or right by clicking on Exit DESIGN MODE (top right hand corner) and going into the CODE MODE.

Next, drag the CHARACTER block into the coding window and select the direction for the CHARACTER to move in when the drop down options appear.


To play the scene that you've created, press the play button.



Add more CHARACTERS to make a more complex scene moving in different directions.


Have fun and remember to save your scene (learning).