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Dear Children,

Today you are going to explore what happens when instructions are given in different orders.


I believe all of you can follow simple instructions to complete activities or play games. In the same way, as computer programmers, we tend to write or code instructions for computers to follow, but what would you do if the program didn’t do what you were expecting?

Would you swap the instructions or change something with the instructions?

In today's task, you'll have to explore a range of ways to make things work.


Task 1

Log into your Purple mash 

Open your 2Dos folder and complete the activity- 2code: Guard the castle.

In this activity, you're going to help the knight guard the castle, but remember you can always swap the instructions or change something to help the knight do his job.


As you go through your activity, discuss some of the instructions you have to change or swap for your program to work with your family.


....Oops! Save your learning!


Have fun!