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LO: To understand how to use Free Code Chimp to begin to create a simple program.


Learning Outcomes:

I will be able to make a background using DESIGN MODE.

 I will be able to add characters using DESIGN MODE.

 I will be able to use the drop down menu to change backgrounds and characters.



Today, you are going to begin to create your own simple programs and to do this, you'll be using Free Code Chimp. This is different to the Chimp lessons because you have the freedom to create your own games and you can pick how you want your games to look.


Log into your purple mash account and open your 2DOs folder. Open the Free Code Chimp. The first screen you'll see is called the CODE MODE. You can use the top right button on your screen to switch to DESIGN MODE. In DESIGN MODE, you can add a background by pressing the background button. 



Task 1

Create a background using design mode:

First, choose a background.

Then, add characters to the background by dragging them across. You can change the character by double clicking on the character and using the drop down menu.

Finally, save your learning.


Task 2

 Recreate the scene using the Free Code Chimp scene cards (see attached document below). Remember to choose the correct backgrounds and characters.


Have a fun learning!