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Dear Children,


Today, we'll be going over algorithm-coding again. 

What is coding? It is the way that computer programmers input instructions into computers to create programs.

Can you give any examples of computer programs that you have used? Have you ever tried to develop your own computer game?


Parents, to begin with, we would like you to give your child a clear simple instruction to follow, where you become a coder and your child a robot. The coder needs to direct the robot to walk from one place in your home to another. Were you able to give the instructions so that the robot did not crash into objects in the way?


Now parents, tell your child that you are now going to be the robot and they the coders. Ask your child to give you clear instructions, one step at a time, for drawing a basic picture of a house.

Once you have a set of clear instructions, explain to your child that coding languages use symbols rather than whole sentences. Can they come up with their own symbols for the instructions for drawing a house? For example, holding their fingers in a triangle shape for the roof etc.


Now that you have some idea what coding is's time to start your first challenge.


Log into Purple Mash and click on your 2Dos.

You'll find your 2code challenge- Fun with Fish.

Your challenge today is to make the fish move around the screen by using the symbols 'left and right.'

You can even add other instructions such as moving the crab 'up and down.' This is really fun because you can even give more instructions to make the objects move around.



Your challenge is to pop the bubbles. Let's see how you get on with that!


By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Give clear instructions to move the tuna fish right, move the crab left.
  • Debug (identify) a program to move fish left and right and maybe the crab up and down.


Remember to save your learning when you're finished.


Best of luck!