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Personal Information-staying safe online!



Dear Children,

Did you know that everyone has a personal information? What does this mean? Personal information are things about yourself that you wouldn't share with a stranger. It tells other people who you are and where to find you. This includes things like your name, address, school and what you look like. 


If you play games on a website you might be asked to log in. To do this you need to make up a ‘user name’. This name is also personal information. We all have a lot of usernames and passwords, but how do we keep them safe?


Now, click on the hyperlink below to go on a tour with 'Hedgehog' about how to keep your personal information safe.




Did you enjoy your fact finding tour with Hedgehog? What did you find out? Remember, you can be like hedgehog and keep your password a secret!


Now, watch the video below about 'Hector's World' by clicking on the hyperlink below.


How to keep your personal information safe

Do you agree with Hector's world that personal information is very important online and offline and should not be shared without the permission of your parent?


Key question:

 How do you look after your personal information?



Your task is to write a list or create a poster on how to keep your personal information safe. You can use the information from Hedgehog's tour and Hector's world o help you.


Here are examples of posters about how to Keep personal information safe.